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"I live in Wimbledon and Hampshire. I grew up in Bath, surrounded by beautiful architecture, which inspired me to draw and paint buildings with great attention to character and detail.

After studying Graphic Design at St. Martin's and Wimbledon Schools of Art, I worked at Usborne Publishing, designing and illustrating children's books.

I specialise in portraits of pets and properties, working mostly in watercolour, pencil and pen-and-ink.  My work is both representational and creative and I am known for capturing the character of my subjects.  I also love to paint local scenes and places I have visited both in this country and abroad.

To commission a portrait of a much-loved pet, property or favourite place, all you need to do is provide me with a photograph and I will create a unique, personalised gift for a special occasion; e.g. Christmas, Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary ..."

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